Consulting & Curator Fees

*Consulting fees are negotiable. A contract outlining the scope of services is always signed. A deposit of 50% is required for corporate clients. Nonprofits (including museums, libraries, schools, etc.) have a 30-day net pay schedule from contracted end of the project.

Film Marketing & Exhibition Services

Venue Search & Acquisition, $150 – $5,000  Contact Me

I know which venues can accommodate your film screening, including non-traditional venues such as bars, museums and libraries. If you just need services for acquiring a venue, we can discuss your needs and I can provide a list, contact and floorplan for you. If you need to reserve the venue for a specific date, I can also work with you to confirm the date and location. You receive a detailed report of the venues, contact number, loading/unloading areas, parking information, etc. Fees are higher if you want me to lock in the date and reserve it. Confirming a venue requires payment in full upon reservation.

  • Report of venues based on needs, $150
  • Report and Venue Acquisition, $800 – $5,000, depending on venue and length of event

Film Curator, $150 – $350

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Selecting and programming a schedule of film/a film based on a topic or theme. (This service does not include organizing the event or film screening licenses.)

  • One film, $150.00
  • 2-4 films, $250.00
  • 5+ films(maximum 10), $350.00
    • For each new film that is less than one year old, please add $100.00/film for acquiring new films.

Film Curator and Event Coordinator, $500 – $3,000

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This includes the services above  and organizing the actual screenings, including social network announcements, promotion, film acquisition, program printing and online/at-the-door ticketing.

  • One film, $500.00
  • 2-4 films, $1,200.00
  • 5+ films (maximum 10), $3,000

Hosting a Reception for Film Presentation, $3,500

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Along with a hired staff, I provide pre- or post-reception services for film screenings, including live music, wait-staffed catering or buffet style, tasteful decoration and stemware, bartenders and microphone setup. I work with trusted local vendors who are committed to local hiring, eco-friendly practices and organic foods. You provide the program and time schedule.

Fan Package, $1,500: Movie classic snacks (popcorn, candy, gourmet hot dogs, pretzels, etc.), self-service beverages (non-alcoholic), coffee/tea service, setup/cleanup, paperware and utensils (forks, serving ware, plates, cups), and centerpieces.

Cast Package, $4,000: Buffet-style food, self-service beverages (non-alcoholic), decoration (tablecloths, centerpieces, buffet table), setup/cleanup, light hors d’oeuvres, live music (1-3 people), and staffing.

Filmmaker Package, $6,000: Wait-staffed hot food and bartended beverages (non-alcoholic, wine/beer and spirits), reception decorative design, setup/cleanup, live music, and dedicated staffing.

How prices are calculated:

  • Food (depending on group size), $800 – $3,200
  • Music, $300 – $500
  • Setup/cleanup, $850
  • Beverages with stemware (including bartenders), $1200 – $3000 (depending on group size)
  • Decorating, $800 – $5,000
  • Staffing, $800 – $1,000
  • Security, $850 – $3,000

Question & Answer Facilitation, $600 – $3,000

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I require at least two weeks notice for Q&A facilitation, which includes time control, audience monitoring, microphone and table setup. Audio-video and/or interview facilitation require additional fees.


Film Packages for Organizations & Venues

Your company, organization, museum or library may be stuck in a rut and looking for a turnkey exhibit or showcase to encourage newer or younger audiences. I have a collection of independent, emerging films and a number of professional contacts to enhance your current/future programming.

Payments for speakers, panelists and artists are made directly to them by your organization, while payments for curatorial services, equipment (if needed) and marketing are paid directly to me. As a consultant, I facilitate and coordinate the event. The events are meant to highlight your group or facility, so your objective should be to use as many on-site resources as possible to underscore what your organization/venue has to offer the public.

Also, your venue/organization assumes all liability and are encouraged to have a Certificate of Liability on file before the event.

Black History Month – Film + Panel, $250 – $3,000

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A documentary about an event, topic or person that impacts the cultural, historical, or political history of people in the African Diaspora –especially, but not limited to African Americans. Includes a panel discussion around the movie theme.

Emerging Black Directors – Film(s) + Panel, $400 – $3,000

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New or emerging Black filmmakers are showcased with a follow up Q&A with the audience and a panel discussion.

Hip-Hop – Film + Exhibition, $500 – $6,000

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Film(s) that highlight how hip-hop impacts culture, society, and politics. Includes an accompanying exhibition of portraiture photographs by leading photographers who are documenting rap artists and hip-hop culture.