(Excerpt) Arrested Development

Arrested Development’s album Zingalamaduni“When Arrested Development (AD) first hit the scene at the 1992 Gavin Convention, no one in the industry, or in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel, knew how to classify them –including me. They didn’t fit into the hip-hop or R&B categories. They weren’t “hoodied” up with a hard assed scowl or conked up in a purple Chess King suit and a pair of EK glasses. Who were these record industry misfits in the day-glo colors and Afro-chic outfits? By the summer of 1992 we no longer had to guess. It seemed as if every radio station in the country played AD at least five times an hour. Their debut single “Tennessee” became the summer of ’92 anthem. However, unlike many cookie-cutter recording acts, it took a lot longer to get tired of hearing their infectious samples and bluesy licks.

“There was always something new in the band’s sound. It was that blend of live instruments, samples and heart-felt lyrics brimming with images of humid, down-home days and warm summer nights. When you listened closely, the music massaged you, while the lyrics wrapped knowledge within honeysuckle-scented nights and soul drenched pews…” (page 41)

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