What’s Going on with L-Boogie?

What’s going on with Lauryn “L-Boogie” Hill? She first jumped on the scene as “L-Boogie” in the Fugees, when sisters were falling out of the hip-hop crews and becoming backup dancers and props. She single handedly revolutionized the sound and feeling of hip-hop by bringing it back to the street and –not to sound cliched– really “keeping it real.” Her husky, melodic voice could ride a cloud, or dig deep into the earth with the grumble of thunder.

I’ve heard rumors –which I’m not going to spread here– and I’ve loyally closed my ears to them. She performed here in Oakland at the Paramount Theater, and the reviews were merciless.

In this interview, she’s doesn’t seem “present,” but she does have some deep insight into the current state of hip-hop. Whatever the issues are, everyone please send your love and good vibes to elevate this sister back to her rightful place on the throne of hip-hop!

Check out the interview below:

(Doh! The interview got gaffled…but wait! There’s plenty of photos!)